Syndrom of war.
I’m used to killing(2019)
TEASER: Documentary  about former fighters who became hostages of the post-traumatic syndrome

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8 stories of veterans who started life from scratch


Syndrom of war. I’m used to killing(2019)

Documentary  about former fighters who became hostages of the post-traumatic syndrome.

Homeland inside us(2018)

They wanted to escape from war, but they fell into her trap again. Migration and Islamism controversial issues which is the focus of this film. How to save the Motherland within their hearts, which has been destroyed by bombs? Is it easy for the residents of the Middle East to adapt in Europe? How do they perceive the "air of freedom"? And do they ever want to go back home?

The Syrians, who were seeking peace, but had found themselves in Ukraine at the height of a military conflict. Can peace be found where war is going on? Will this country become their new homeland or only a temporary shelter?

Documentary  Donbass. Life aheard(2017)

Their childhood was  crippled by war. Glance from both sides of the front line. Why children become hostages of circumstanceand the political views of their parents? How war breaks fragile teenage psyche? What should we expect from the war generation - a desire for peace or revenge for relatives who were killed and maimed? The main message of this documentary is the following: how can we make children not inherit and continue the war which was started by their parents?

Documentary Birth. Humane way( 2016)

I filmed this documentary during the nine months of my pregnancy. That was difficult, a few times my baby could have died. This film is a social experiment that purpose is to show the situation in Ukrainian hospitals and maternity wards, I try to depict an attitude of doctors to pregnant women. Medical staff were often rude, irresponsible, they extorted money. I try to look for the answer why doctors are bad-behaved and most of Ukrainian female patients put up with this attitude?

Short video docs

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